From the Heart by Dr. Paul Morton

2017 marks my 19th year as a faculty member with LSM. The program has been one of the most positive aspect of my professional life. I am continually amazed by how great the students are, how excellent my colleagues are, and how many blessings have come my way as a direct result of being in this community of music and faith. 

My main goal each summer with trumpet, small ensemble, and jazz students is to have fun! I want to create an atmosphere of joy and good humor. Oh, and by the way, we are going to learn a few things and give a great performance at the end of the month as well. Every year the students buy into this vision and I feed my soul off of their joy. 

Every summer I am awed at how great my colleagues are. They are wonderful musicians, but, the best part is how nurturing and caring they are of the students and each other. I always feel lifted up day in and day out in our month together.

I have taught the trumpet and Jazz studies at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette since 1998 and have achieved tenure and highest academic rank of Full Professor. My success at UL is due, in large part, to LSM. As a direct result of contacts made each summer, I have given concerts as a solo artist and adjudicated festivals in St. Petersborg, Russia, Hong Kong, and mainland China. I have also presented recitals at colleges and universities across the United States. When it came time to apply for promotion, many of my resume entries came from being fully involved at LSM. 

Having said all these things, the most important aspect of LSM is the combination of faith and music. Music is the direct voice to the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit gives our music its voice. To see this at work over the month is a very joyful thing indeed. LSM has been one of the great blessings of my life. I give thanks for these 19 wonderful summers. 

Sincerely, Paul Morton