Tarkel Price, a story

Hello. My name is Tarkel Price and I am studying the Trombone here at LSM. I play in Band and Orchestra in addition to singing in the Chapel Choir. LSM has been an amazing experience for me.

One thing that I love about LSM is how supportive the community is. When someone feels down or needs help with their practicing, someone is always there to help out.

The worship services are also amazing as they are filled with wonderful music. This past Sunday, for example, Bach’s Cantata number 34 was sung as part of worship. The wonderful music during worship enhances our faith as well as musical growth.

As we head into Festival Week I am excited and a little nervous, but I know I’ll be okay and have fun because my friends are here to support me. 


Tarkel Price has appeared in several co-curricular activities on campus, including UMHB's "Billy Goats Gruff" children's opera and as a soloist at worship services with the chapel choir. He is from Seattle, WA.


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