Student Kelsi Halvorson writes about her experience!

Hello, I’m Kelsi and I play the clarinet. I am from Becker, Minnesota. LSM has been a whole new world for me. In small towns like mine, I can’t find someone who is not obsessed with rap or country music. Finding someone who loves menuets or concertos as much as me is basically impossible. Students at LSM are one of a kind. Everyone here has a passion for music that is not replicated in any other program or community. I think I can speak for everyone when I say, my peers, my counselors, and my teachers all teach me something daily. It is nice to meet other people that want to pursue similar majors in college as I do. Being here is a breath of fresh air! This is where I belong. This is my first year here and I love the environment. Like I said, I learn everyday! Whether that be musically, instrumentally, or socially, these new findings will be something I take with me when I go home, when I go to college next year, and forever! I learned about LSM on a tour of Augsburg College and I am so glad I did.