Intern Josh Horton tells all

LSM is like college without the classes. Sure, it's hard work, but what's worthwhile that isn't?

This is my first time at LSM. I knew nothing about this program until 4 months ago when I overheard my band director at Concordia mentioning it to a prospective student. I was a freshman at the time, and am now transitioning into my sophomore year. This summer I am serving as an intern for LSM's band director, Dr. Doebler of Valparaiso University. It is truly an honor to work under him; he has an answer for anything and everything. His "Joke of the Day" really makes for a fun rehearsal, but also creates a productive band. The experiences I have now are preparing me for (hopefully) a career in music education.

Currently, I participate in Band and Orchestra. In addition to this, I make up half of a clarinet-flute duo, and have an unaccompanied solo to work on. The opportunities for building musical maturity here are boundless, and there's nowhere else I'd rather do it than this community. Before I arrived at Luther College, I could not have imagined how well my time would be spent. It allows me to spend hours a day on clarinet, I can solicit advice from fellow musicians and friends, and I receive two half-hour lessons each week with a fantastic professor. The other interns and the camp have helped me so much in becoming the person and musician I want to be—and the program isn't even halfway over.

Time is a strange thing at LSM. The days are long and busy, but the weeks go by rapidly. The minutes in the practice room are an eternity, but the hour is up in no time at all. It feels like it was this morning that Katherine asked me to write a blog post, but somehow that was on Monday, and today is Thursday, and my deadline is tomorrow.

Right now, LSM is a massive part of my life. I'm thankful for the religious aspect of it as well. The camp isn't about Lutheran beliefs so much as the integration of music and Christian worship. A lot of good music is designed for use by the Church, and the camp understands that. LSM plays host to more than 50 musical events over the course of 4 weeks, all of which are open to the community of Decorah, IA at the best price there is—that is, none at all.

A big thanks to Katherine, for the opportunity to express myself, and a bigger thanks to LSM, for giving me something to express.