A word from soprano Penny Hogan

I’m not much on writing blogs (even though I used to write all the time), but here I go.  This is my third year as a faculty member at LSM.  To say I’m excited to be here is not an exaggeration! This is a great time to make music, get in touch with your spiritual self, work hard - yet relax, make lifelong friends and feel like you belong. 

My regular teaching/performing year is hectic, crazy, full of lots of paper work and sometimes just downright agonizing!  I never feel that way while I am at LSM for the month.  I have such great respect and admiration for my colleagues.  LSM is a well-oiled machine that cannot function without all its parts!  Every person here represents a unique and special function.  We all are an important cog in this machine.    Simply having the opportunity to work with young musicians is one of the reasons why I love being a part of the faculty.  I’m a people person.  We come from all over the United States and gather at LSM to do what we love – how cool is that?!  (I know – I used the word cool).

It probably doesn’t hurt that I also grew up in west central Iowa! But, I have lived in central Texas for several years now.  A great perk is that my husband and I are here together teaching and performing.  I absolutely love coming to Luther’s campus.  So be sure that you enjoy the beauty, the nature, the people and be a sponge while you are here. Just learn from the many people whose paths you will cross. 

I know one thing for certain.  I leave LSM revived, rejuvenated, refreshed and ready for another year.  My only regret is that I haven’t been teaching at LSM for ten years!  But, life has a way of making sense in its own timing.  I’m just thankful that LSM found me.  I’m also thankful that LSM found each one of you.  I’m looking forward to another fun filled month of music making, laughing, creating, talking, listening and being fed spiritually.  My hope is each and every one of you does the same!  Here’s to a great summer, new beginnings and rekindling old acquaintances.

Penny Hogan


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