A word from Rev. Jim

A message from our Rev. Jim Honig: 

For quite a few years, I participated in LSM vicariously and from a distance. Our younger son was a student at LSM beginning in the summer prior to his 8th grade year, and continued through the summer after his high school graduation. Then for 3 more summers, Tim was on the staff of LSM. It was a very formative experience, leading to the pursuit of a music performance major in college, and eventually a vocation as a music therapist.  

Each year, my wife and I traveled to the Academy for Festival Week. We not only encountered great music, but we witnessed the deep and abiding relationships that were forged and the significant worship life that grounds all of it in God’s invitation to live in God’s love, a love that is shared within the LSM community.

Now, I get to be part of it all! Not vicariously, but in person! I’m so looking forward to all of it: the music, the worship, the forming of community, working with gifted colleagues and students. Most of all, I’m looking forward to how we will center our communal life in the life and death of the Crucified One who has called us to live in his death-defying love. 

Our worship theme this year comes from Thomas Troeger’s great hymn, “O Praise the Gracious Power.” Here’s the first stanza:


Oh, praise the gracious pow’r

That tumbles walls of fear

And gathers in one house of faith

All strangers far and near:

We praise you, Christ!

Your cross has made us one!


As we approach next year’s 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation, we’ll use this hymn to help us reflect on the reforming work of the Spirit through the cross of Christ. Indeed, as this year’s LSM kicks off, we trust that the gracious power of the living Christ will form us, shape us, and enliven us in community.  

And in other news, Jakob Boers is actively vlogging his experience at LSM. Here is his first full day at LSM: https://youtu.be/pNggGjGXEOM