God is here, indeed!

Pastor Michael Costello has been exploring the worship theme "God is here" with our growing LSM community. As we enter into the final week at LSM and celebrate in festival concerts, we see so clearly the ways in which God truly is present in all of us. The three values of LSM, musical excellence, nurturing community, and Lutheran faith, have been expressed thoroughly in thought and deed at Luther campus.

God is here in the vibrant, playful sounds of 76 Trombones at Thursday night's band concert and in the practice rooms where students' repetoire become more and more refined. God is here in private lessons where devoted faculty challenge students to grow as musicians and He is here in the recital halls as students and faculty share their beautiful musical gifts. God is here at morning announcements while we sing Luther's Morning Prayer, which has quickly begun to tug at the heartstrings of our community.

God is here in the laughter of the students at the cafeteria as they share in inside jokes over soft serve ice cream cones. God is here before and after concerts, where friends inspire and support each other. God is here among the friendships that continue to grow between faculty and staff; the collaboration of faculty chamber ensembles flourish. God is in the hugs and thank yous of students who express gratitude to their parents for getting them to LSM this year.

God is here in our prayers, either spoken aloud as a community or kept quietly within our hearts. God is in the incredible power of the organ music that has been brought to us by our talented faculty and staff. God is here in the sweet voices of the student cantors who lead us during evening prayer; their leadership binds our community into silence and reflection. God is here at dorm devotions, where Pastor Costello, student life staff, and students gather to dive deeper into their faith journey.

Pastor Costello's closing remarks during our last morning announcements on Thursday reminded us that God is in each and every one of us. This is not only witnessed in the musical capabilities of our students but also through the kindness, compassion, and respect given to one another. This year's group of students have been nothing short of incredible individuals. They are joyful, studious, friendly, poised, mature, witty, charismatic, sensitive, and sincere. We are so blessed and incredibly proud of the growth we have been priviledged to witness in each and every student, both spiritually and musically.

God is truly here.