TOBIN TAKEOVER 2015: A Family Portrait

July 10, 2015

Today's post is brought to you by Grace, Colin, and Erika Tobin, three siblings who have attended LSM for a near 10 years collectively. Without further ado, here is their story:

Hey there! My name's Grace Tobin and this is my second year at LSM. I am the primary bassoonist in both band and orchestra, with this summer starting up my fourth year of playing. I'm an incoming junior at Capital High School in Olympia, WA, and LSM is one of favorite organizations to be a part of.

This year I really focused on my practicing and improving my work ethic. I've made it into the practice room almost every day, tackling the tricky passages in the music. Some of the hard spots are still a little shaky, but a good product takes time. Outside of the practice room I've had a lot of fun hanging out with my friends, going to the pool, having jam sessions on recorder, ukulele, and other instruments in my cluster, and of course trying and ultimately failing to pet the squirrels. All in all I have thoroughly enjoyed this year and can't wait for next year. See ya later folks!


Hi! My name is Colin and I'm the orchestra intern this year! I attended LSM as a student from 2010-2013 so being an intern has been a really cool new way to experience LSM. Interns duties mainly consist of setting up for different rehearsals and/or events while we play in our respective ensembles. It is quite interesting to work more with the faculty and learn what goes on behind the scenes. This summer has also been special because my two sisters are also here with me. Grace is a student and Erika is a counselor. While we are pretty busy, it's nice to get to see each other everyday before we go to our different schools in the fall. Hope to see you at Festival week!


As a counselor, LSM is amazing in so many ways. I love witnessing the growth that takes place over the years in our returning students and see them mature into amazing people and musicians! I also love having both of my siblings here! Even though we only see each other briefly throughout the day, it's fun to have similar experiences and have that eternal support system here with us.

As an LSM student back in the day and now as a counselor it's an awfully (and I really do mean full of awe!) amazing experience and privilege to be able to help create the safe spaces and intentional community that (isn't necessarily drama or stress free but) is supportive and encouraging! Because of this kind of community our students like my sister can grow and thrive like my brother and I once did as LSM students.

I think the most powerful aspect of LSM this year for me has been the Dorm Devotions which we do in our clusters/counseling groups each week. Dorm Devos are a time for us all to step back from music, from activities, and from everything else, to  reflect on our lives both here at LSM and at home. It's a time for us to grow deeper in our connections to our friends here than we can at lunch or in band. For me getting to witness those bonds being created is such a powerful and special time that enhances all the other amazing LSM moments. Those moments include eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner with our students, playing basketball or capture the flag, creating music, and laughing hard over jokes no one else in the whole world would ever understand. LSM is a mixture of tears, laughter, fulfillment, stress, and love and I don't know where else I'd get that during the summer. I'm so glad I get to share these moments with my siblings and my friends here!

Grace and peace to you,