Today's blog is brought to you by Hannah Tassler

July 3, 2015

My name is Hannah Tassler, a first year student at LSM, studying flute and tenor saxophone.

Some of my favorite things at LSM are the people, music, and environment. I am from Colorado, and coming to Decorah, Iowa has been a new experience that I've enjoyed. Events such as dorm devos and recitals have been different and exciting. Also, my music teachers at LSM have helped me become a better musician within the first week! I have been able to practice at least two hours every day which has improved my musical abilities, too. Along with practicing individual pieces, I have been able to work in an ensemble, the band, and the orchestra. There are so many opportunities at LSM to become a better musician and person. When I first arrived at LSM, I was immediately greeted by counselors and everyone made me feel welcome as if I was a returning student. The students and faculty at LSM have been kind, helpful, and fun. LSM is not just about the music; it is also about growing in faith through music. We have evening and morning prayer, and Sunday worship. Things are better than I expected at LSM, it's like my home, with more music!

Before the student concerto recital, many people told me that at LSM, everyone was hoping I did my best in the performance. Walking on stage was scary at first, but I spotted my friends in the audience smiling and cheering me on. LSM has been so fun this past week and I can't wait for the next few weeks to come.