A word from our intern, Sarah Geekie!

Sarah Geekie, our audience services intern, shares her story as she enters the LSM community: 

When I arrived in Decorah, IA, I felt like I was a freshman in college again. I went around in circles trying to find Farwell Hall, and I eventually found the way to my dorm room and entered (after a fight with my key), just as I had done four years ago.

After two crazy days at Luther College, with a few panicky moments (What’s that? Where’s that? What am I doing?), I felt pretty settled in and was getting excited for the month ahead. Then, it was time for the students to arrive. It hit me that the kids arriving that Sunday would be feeling the exact same way I had just been feeling. Excited, confused, maybe a little scared? And it was part of my job to make them feel welcome. As an intern, I work primarily “behind the scenes,” but there is time to talk with, hang out, and hopefully make a connection with the students.

When I think back to my early teen years, I can think of a lot of key words. Awkwardness comes to mind, as well as stubbornness and a lot of feeling insecure. (There are positive words too, don’t worry!) Happiness, humor, and friendship were also a big part of my high school years. A big part of my life in high school was music, whether it was marching band, Wind Ensemble, Madrigals, or the school musical. I credit my experience in those groups to be a huge part of who I am today.

Lutheran Summer Music is awesome in many ways. It lets students who already have a talent for music really assess and fine-tune (ha!) those skills. It also gives them a chance to form relationships with students, staff, and faculty. Kids are usually way smarter and more capable than most adults give them credit for. As an “adult” myself, I try to remind myself about that, and remember how it felt to be fourteen or fifteen years old. It doesn’t take much here, because I get to see students showing their musical instincts, integrity, and brightness on a daily basis, both as members of a group and as individuals.

I can’t wait to see how much growth happens in the next few weeks! Happy Week 2! 


And of course, here is another vlog post from Jakob Boers: https://youtu.be/3D_C_8NRzPE

Stay tuned tomorrow for a photo blast of everyone at the Mystery Trip! (And also, find out where it was if you haven't already!)