Week 3: What?!

July 7, 2015 After a relaxing 4th of July weekend, during which the students were able to see a production of The Music Man in Minneapolis, Week 3 has officially started. Students have been diligently practicing at the request(s) of their instructors and their ensembles are coming together gracefully. We are nothing short of ready for a fantastic festival week starting next Monday. 

Sunday and Monday night brought to the spotlight our faculty chamber ensembles. Movēre woodwind quintet painted a fun, light-hearted picture of the Tortouise and the Hare and Chialing Hsieh joined them for an incredible ending with a Sextet in B-flat Major. The unique instrumental combination was an inspirational start to a week of faculty chamber ensemble recitals.

Monday evening brought a 6-person choir of angels, whose voices ranged from low, low bass to coloratura soprano. Their classy dress and comprehensively beautiful repetoire were received with a standing ovation. It was clear by the end that students were awe-struck by the talent and capability of their teachers. This feeds directly back into their own practicing while they prepare to perform in a way that some never have. 

Tonight, the Omega String Quartet will be gracing us with their selections. Praetorius brass ensemble will be waiting in the wings to perform on Thursday. We are so blessed with an amazing crew of talented, supportive, and kind-spirited faculty. Many thanks to your presence for our students.