Student story from Jackelyn Essman

The students at LSM are kind, thoughtful, and intentional about their time at Luther College. We are so proud of all of them for all that they do and are excited to share this story from Jackie Essman:

My name is Jackelyn Essman and I play flute. The first lesson I had with Dr. Leffler changed my tone and my view on music. There are people who say change comes with time. I don't agree. She showed me how to change my embouchure and I have been working on it since the day she told me. Although the change is miniscule, I can hear a difference in my playing. 

LSM has tought me so much. Dr. Hamilton is my music theory teacher and I've learned about triads, the circle of fifths, and so many other things while only having his class 8 times. I comparison to school, it might take twice as long to learn the same things. 

Schools are very structured. Basing things on what needs to be taught versus what we want to learn. LSM helps us grow by teaching us things based on where we are with our instrument. I find it easier to learn things with these instructors because I feel that they understand where I want to go. 


Thank you for your lovely words, Jackie! And here is word from Jakob Boers: