Student to Intern by Jason Laine

LSM Journal of “Student to Intern” by Jason Laine 

Hey Folks! My name is Jason Laine, and I am a proud member of LSM once more. I came a long way from being a student four times, and now serving as an intern. 

I met my other fellow interns and noticed how confident, funny, and how much joy we had for another. We made an amazing group. One evening a couple of us were introduced to online Karaoke Battles. We all sang—okay. We enjoyed that until some of us lost our “talented” voices. Recently, the lady interns, Katrina and Emily, thought it would be a fun idea to shape up mine, Colin, and Nathan’s hairstyle. At least I kept my hair as they made it.  

When we first met our intern director Bob Olsen in person, he was a lot brighter and more confident than we expected. He too made our jobs fun, along with many faculty members we work for. Some are new, and some have worked here for a very long time. I think LSM would be a little different without him; in fact, LSM would not have been amazing without any of the faculty members. 

Our mystery trip was amazing. We went to The Music Man and to be honest, I think the musical is better than the movie. The cast did an outstanding job. Later we went to see the fireworks in Harmony, MN. I personally thought it added the “holiday spirit” in our trip. I brought face paint along in our beloved colors; red, white, and blue. Many of the students and interns enjoyed the designs. The fireworks were incredible. 

We also had a talent show just this weekend, and I got to say that it went pretty wild. Shortly after that, we had a dance party at Marty’s. We had so much fun dancing, especially on the stage. Others relaxed in seats, maybe worn out from the dance. We were pretty sore the next morning, but the dance was worth it. 

The morning and evening worship are always soothing in the soul. It’s the services that will never get old. The music really brightens your day and night.  

Throughout the month, we’ve practiced long and hard for our big events, and now those big events are happening fast, and I can’t wait for them to come. In my case, I have two Large Ensembles and one Small Ensemble coming up: Concert Band, Percussion Ensemble, and  Concert Orchestra. Wish me luck!

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