From small hometown to small hometown: A word from Katrina Bernhard

June 25, 2015

Katrina Bernhard hails from Round Rock, Texas. She is as sweet as the Texas-sized donuts that are made in her hometown.  She is our Administrative and Stage Management intern and is here to experience LSM for the first time ever. Her bright and cheery disposition has been both an asset and a blessing in our office. Here are a few words from her personally about her initial thoughts in Decorah.


LSM Immersion: first time experience

Stepping off the plane in Rochester finally made it real for me. I was about to start my journey  at Lutheran Summer Music Academy. One of the staff members was waiting and waving with a huge smile on her face, ready to bring me to the beautiful town of Decorah, Iowa. Instantly, as soon as I arrived at Luther college I felt a sense of comfort. As I met the counselors I was instantly welcomed into this beautiful family. Ever since I was 5 years old, music has always been a part of my life. I am almost done with my bachelor’s degree in vocal performance, and I qualify as a music nerd. I heard of this program last year, when both my voice teacher and his wife started their first year teaching with LSM. Recently, I had been goi
ng through some struggles with my musical journey, being beat down and delayed by one circumstance or another. My voice teacher kept telling me after he found out I was given my internship position that I will feel so refreshed that this program will be good for my soul. Never have those words rung more true than they do today. I am only a week into my internship and I am already feeling revived. The community between the staff, teachers, counselors, and interns is such a positive and inviting place to be. Between morning and evening prayer services, you can hear people having fun in the practice rooms or rehearsal spaces. Hearing these rehearsals, being in these rehearsals, it is hard to believe that all of us just got here this past Sunday and have only been rehearsing since Tuesday. The amount of talent here is beyond what I could have even imagined. The best part of it all, however is how I feel like I am being welcomed home to a great big family reunion. Less than a week after meeting the other interns, I feel like we are all really good friends. We make it a point to help each other out if one of us needs it, always trying to help out and make sure that we are successful. This is a value I have noticed throughout the entire LSM community. As I continue on my journey here, I wake up more excited each day to see what Decorah and LSM has to bring me and I am planning my return already for next year.