From Olajuwon Osinaike

When everyone back home heard where I was going during my summer, they all came to me with the same questions. “Are you Lutheran,” “Why do this instead of a summer job and “What does it mean to be Lutheran?” were just some of the questions people asked me. To answer them, I simply stated what I truly believed. I may not be Lutheran but all religions are welcome at LSM. I chose to do this instead of a job because I believe my musical talent and abilities are more important than working just for money. I want what I do to have a purpose. Also, I’m not 100% sure what it means to be Lutheran, but we are all connected through our relationships to the Lord, our God and Savior. No religious name or group is going to keep me or anyone else from honoring Him day in and day out. 


Photo: Olajuwon hanging out with LSM friend on Downtown Decorah Day


Jakob Boers is up and running again: