LSM 2015 has officially closed

July 19, 2015

Festival week has officially come to a close. Executive Director Bob Olsen removed his lanyard in a symbolic notion to send the 2015 LSM Community home. Friends have said their goodbyes for the year and faculty sent them on their way not only with more knowledge of their instrument, but more wisdom in their faith and hearts. As Dean of Students Mark Tegtmeier said, "Students meet their best friends for life here." We as a staff observe this to be true year after year. Returning students and new students find a bond at LSM that few academies and summer programs offer and to be part of that in any capacity is a blessing. 

Thank you to all parents, donors, and congregations for your support (in every sense) for students attending LSM this year. Without all your help, the quality of the students that arrived in late June just would not have been the same. We appreciate and are grateful for all of the musical gifts that were shared during our 4 weeks together and we are certain none of that would have been possible without help from each student's community. Thank you.

Please join us next year at LSM. We will be at Luther College from June 26 - July 24. Applications will be ready on the website late August.

A note to parents and others who weren't able to join us in Decorah: We have had the priviledge of having professional photographers present during a handful of the Festival Week concert nights. In the past, photos have been able to be posted more regularly on the blog. When we receive photos from our photographers, we will be sure to share as many as possible on our blog and also on Flickr. An announcement via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will be made in the very near future!