Heartland Marimba Festival is here! And a word from Laura Johnson!

The Heartland Marimba Festival will be performing tonight as our Guest Artist recital. Matthew Coley and LSM faculty member Andrew Veit will take the stage and wow the students with their percussion ensemble! Read more about them here.

We're excited to welcome back Laura Johnson, who is returning as our Dean of Students. Here is a message from her about student life at LSM:

LSM and SOSI 2016 have officially begun! The Student Life staff has been working hard to prepare for students’ arrival to Decorah through training exercises, discussions, planning events, meetings, and of course having a little fun time to bond as a team. As the Dean of Students, I have been fortunate enough to assist in the leading of this week’s training and can easily say that this student life staff is one of the best LSM has had. We are so thrilled that we will be meeting all of you and are anxiously awaiting for you to fill the empty dorm rooms in Farwell.

If you are nervous about attending LSM or SOSI, no need to fear! The community is one of the best parts of attending LSM and is why I have continued to return as a part of the student life staff for the past 3 years. My experiences as a counselor and senior counselor at LSM have been life-changing, and I am so excited to be stepping into the role of Dean of Students this summer. As the Dean, I will be making a daily effort to connect with both the students and the counselors and support each person’s day to day experience at LSM. I will be helping coordinate daily recreation activities, all hall events, the ever exciting MYSTERY TRIP (Where will we go?!), Downtown Decorah Day, and many other events to encourage the supportive, positive, and welcoming environment that so many people love about LSM.

I am looking forward to connecting with each and every one of you and sharing experiences through music, worship, and other various events. I cannot wait to get to know you all!


To get an in depth look at the life of students, consider subscribing to Jakob Boers' vlog. Here is his latest video: https://youtu.be/qoq9ICMIJuM