Claire Panus shares her story at LSM

One week ago, people from across the country, united as one community for either two weeks or four. The community is so supportive and caring of one another. You are never judged for how well you sing, play, or compose. Everyone builds each other up with inspirations, motivation, and encouragement!

You never have to fear being teased or bullied, and if it were to happen, it would get stopped immediately, because it's unacceptable here at camp.

Claire (2nd from R) with new and old friends

LSM/SOSI is a place you can go, where you are surrounded by people who love music the way you do. Although we may come from all over the place, we have one amazing thing in common, and that is the gift of music.

For me personally, LSM and Luther are a second home. I can escape the outside world, and live and express the stories that are being told within the music, being played or sung.

Even though the week started slowly, there was always the hustle and bustle of students trying to find their way to buildings and rehearsals, yet it all finally came to an ease when the day ended.

I look around, and I see how quickly friendships form, and I see all kinds of groups that differ from each other. There's a wide variety of interests. Though we differ in various ways, we are one, One in Christ. We are all brothers and Sisters in Christ, and we praise His Holy name each and every day with our music.

LSM or SOSI, has definitely changed lives. It creates life long friendships, it creates bonds between people, and music to an incredible connection, one that can't be expressed with words, but emotions.

LSM week one is officially over, and as we move on to the next week, we continue to make music, and be there for one another, and as one community of brothers and sisters in Christ, we are one, One Community in Christ.

-Claire Panus

Photo: Claire Panus (2nd from R) with new and old friends


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